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The FLOW Science Team received a small grant from the Dane County Environmental Council to study a little known lake, located in the Town of Mazomanie portion of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway.  The lake is a 20 acre borrow pit.  Borrow pits are ponds or small lakes created where soils are removed for construction projects; in this case the Highway 78 reconstruction which occurred in 1991.  This summer the Science Team plans to reveal the lakes secrets including its fish, reptiles and plants.  The team will monitor water quality as well. 



As an additional part of the project, FLOW members are encouraged to participate in a lake naming contest.  The lake was never named and doesn’t even have a standard identification code that DNR typically assigns public waters.  The winner will receive $100 and have their proposed name submitted to the State Geographical Names Committee in October of this year.  If the Geographical Names Council accepts the proposed lake name, it will become official and historical.  The winner will receive $100 whether the name becomes official or not (It will be official to FLOW!).  


The borrow pit is located along Highway 78 south of Sauk City and 2.1 miles south of Highway Y. See Map The lake is surrounded entirely by public land.