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Help FLOW rescue mussels that are stranded when water levels drop! Sign up here to receive emails about urgent mussel-saving activities.

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Photo by Timm Zumm

In September 2023, historically low water levels on the Wisconsin River left countless native, freshwater mussels high and dry and struggling to survive. (While mussels can move, they can't move fast enough to find the water they need, even if it’s only a few feet away.) On short notice, some FLOW volunteers rushed to the river and saved stranded mussels by simply tossing them into the water. But many mussels, including endangered species, had been left on sandbars too long to survive. And there weren't enough people to reach all the mussels that needed saving.


Drought conditions are expected to continue this year. River levels might drop again. We're seeking more volunteers who can rescue these fascinating, vulnerable, and important creatures.


Once you sign up, we'll let you know in real time when the mussels are in trouble. You'll receive more information on where to go, how to identify mussels that need help, how to handle the mussels, and guidelines for staying safe.


Thank you for all you do for Wisconsin’s rivers and the life they support.

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