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Please donate to the Firelines Project.

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Firelines: Humans and Habitat Renewal is an exhibition that presents Jill Metcoff’s black-and-white panoramas of prescribed burns, taken in the Sauk County area from 2002 to 2015 on prairies, wetlands, oak savannas and woodlands. Selected from her publication Firelines, her images convey different burnscapes on public and private lands—picturing the breadth of land management, the concerted efforts to maintain and restore biodiversity, and the interactions that link humans and habitats in land stewardship. 
Curated by Heather S. Sonntag in partnership with Edgewood College, this project is a traveling exhibition aimed at broadening the understanding and awareness of prescribed burns, environmental science and conservation practices. 
We thank you for your one-time, tax-deductible gift that will go towards the general support of this project promoted to academic and cultural institutions statewide for the next two years. Your gift also helps programming environmental education and conservation awareness here in Wisconsin, where the intentional use of fire for land management has seen increasing demand. 
When making your contribution, please indicate if you would like your name or organization acknowledged publicly in the exhibition wall text or withheld from view in the "Add a note" field upon payment. 

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