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Out of recognition of the personal challenges many riverway users are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (FLOW) is offering zero-cost membership in the organization.


The limited-time offer expires on March 14, 2022 saves you $25 on an individual membership or $45 on a family membership.  In return, membership provides access to riverway information, events, and discounts at a growing number of businesses that support the organization's  mission.  Complete the form below to redeem this offer.

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A nonprofit citizen-empowered organization,  FLOW's mission is to protect and preserve the wilderness-type experience of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway and to assist users in enjoying the river safely.


FLOW currently boasts a long list of volunteer accomplishments, including programs championing the unique waterway’s long stretch of natural beauty, historical legacy, and archeological treasures. Citizen advocacy for the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway is also one of FLOW’s  principal goals.


FLOW projects have included construction and maintenance of 12 life-saver “Kids Don’t Float” kiosks spaced along the river’s banks, education programs on Driftless area flora and fauna , public recreational events such as Rhythm on the River, Annual Pride Paddle Parade and participation in WDNR workdays to preserve the effigy mounds and other natural areas which dot the length of the riverway. 


New projects are always in the offing. FLOW's  latest endeavor is the formation of a new Lower Wisconsin Riverway Safety Coalition in partnership with the WDNR, the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, several other entities, and riverway users themselves. Coalition volunteers will offer assistance to those in need on the riverway by utilizing cell phone technology.  The group will also provide ongoing education and training focused on how to enjoy the riverway safely.


In announcing FLOW's free membership offer, President Timm Zumm had this to say: “We are all in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat.  An increasing number of people are discovering the joy of being outdoors during this crisis. I don’t want individuals or families to find themselves unable to realize the benefits of being a FLOW member because they can’t afford it. Hopefully, those of you who are not suffering financially will make a generous donation to keep all our boats afloat. After all, to keep the lights on, without membership fees, FLOW will still need generous donations by those who are able.”


Those able can visit the FLOW donation page, which accepts PayPal and major credit and debit cards.


In closing remarks, the FLOW President encouraged the public "to spread the word to all of your friends and relatives to take advantage of this free/limited time membership offer."

You will also receive our membership card and be eligible to receive discounts from these river biz participants.



Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway Inc is a 501(c)(3) public charity, which means that contributions and gifts are tax deductible. It's possible you may want to consider FLOW for legacy giving.  Please contact us if this is something that interests you.

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