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Recognizing these 2020 Youth Riverway Champions for social distancing in the Lower Wisconsin Riverway.

Will and Katie enjoying the Wisconsin River around Sauk City… camping and fishing and enjoying everything the river has to offer. Camping on the river is a tradition passed down from their grandparents and one we all treasure and enjoy.

Will & Katie  -  Lux  -  Grant  -  Audrey  -  Dylan  -  Addy  -  Damien  -  Eleanor & Samantha  

Will and Katie

Lux B, Age 10. My family paddled on the Wisconsin River last summer and we stopped to play on a sandbar island, but kept our life jackets on for safety. The weather was amazing, the water felt great, and we had a lot of snacks in our canoe, including our favorite "pickle chips." I love the Wisconsin River and can't wait for our next trip.

Lux B

My name is Grant.kurek and I would like to apply for your Youth Riverway Champion Award.

I live near Gotham, and me and my Dad often walk the Gotham Jack Pine Barrens area of the Riverway. I like to look for interesting rocks while we hike. A couple months ago we were walking and saw a lot of old cans, glass and plastic on the beach.  On a weekend morning, we cleaned up two big garbage bags full of garbage.  We brought the bags home and threw them away in our

I had an idea of recycling the broken glass to make decorative stepping stones for my garden. I saved the glass in a bucket for this spring.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Grant Kurek